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Low power system

myControl plus - the new decentralised Low Power System

MyControl plus consequently follows the principle of decentralised power supply systems in fire areas, similar to single battery systems and complies with the existing European and national standards. Furthermore, myControl offers the operating comfort of a modern central battery system, such as single luminaire detection and monitoring without additional wiring, switchability of individual luminaires, freely programmable circuits as well as a patented web interface for visualisation, remote maintenance and control of the power supply system including the connected emergency lights via internet connection. The sheet steel housing, especially designed for the myControl sytem, can easily be integrated unobtrusively in an existing fire area and thus enables a reduction of costly E30-wiring systems and their installation for the power supply of rescue and safety luminaires in this fire area. Several systems can be integrated in any network through the freely programmable
default network address and the browser-based visualisation. Additionally, each connected rescue and safety luminaire can be monitored and in case of failure its position can be displayed in clear text. MyControl operates similar to the low power systems micro- and miniControl in changeover mode 230VAC/ 216VDC and, with the integrated set of batteries, can generate a power of either:
350 W over 1h (18x 12V / 3.6 Ah) or 145 W over 3h incl. 25% ageing reserve
500 W over 1h (18x 12V / 5.2 Ah) or 210 W over 3h incl. 25% ageing reserve.
By default myControl is equipped with 5 electric circuits where each circuit switch works independently and is separately 2-pole-fused. The 4 internal switch query inputs can be used for switching the 5 circuits. These inputs can be connected to voltages of 18V - 255V DC or 185 - 255V AC and, depending on their programming, switch the allocated circuits and/ or luminaires on or off. The integrated IO-module realises up to 3 potential-free switch contacts for the transmission of messages or failures to an external control unit. Furthermore, it has a reverse polarity tolerant, freely-programmable multivoltage input in order to monitor voltages ranging from 18V to 255V DC or from 185 to 255V AC. MyControl also has an integrated port for the connection of a 24V-fan including a separate fan control and monitoring function. The integrated quiescent current loop CCIF realises in combination with a diode a monitoring of potential-free contacts of connected phase monitors (mains monitoring) of the general lighting in terms of short circuit and/or cable break. The system has a controlled bus interface for the connection of further external command and control modules which enables the engagement of the circuits and the connected rescue and safety luminaires if necessary. The LED rescue and safety luminaires guarantee an optimal use of the power input through high light output and low power consumption. Another advantage of the myControl system is also the possibility of connecting customary standard luminaires with electronic ballasts and an input voltage of 230V AC/DC. The maximum connection power is 250 W per circuit considering the total maximum connection power of the system which depends on the selected battery set. The test log, integrated in the myControl system, can save up to 30,000 entries and in combination with the integrated automatic testing unit according to DIN EN 62034:2013-02 it completes a well-equipped low power system complying with current standards.

  • Low power system acc. to DIN EN 50171 for security lighting systems acc. to DIN EN 50172 and systems acc. to DIN VDE 0100-718
  • automated monitoring system acc. to DIN EN 62034 for regular testing of all connected luminaires
  • independant system with combined switching for non-maintained, maintained and switched maintained luminaires
  • test records are stored für 5 years
  • different interface languages possible
  • Management and failure monitoring for up to 20 luminaires per circuit
  • 4 main circuits and one circuit in non-maintained or maintained mode with max. 150 VA (programmable)
  • maximum connected load (mains) of 800 VA
  • Information reports about the system, circuits and luminaires as plain text and Control-LED
  • Connectivity for additional external switch interrogation modules via RS485 interface
  • Up to 6 control inputs can be assigned to each circuit
  • Networking of multible devices via Ethernet (TCP/IP) as option
  • integrated Web - Server for remote maintenance of the system, visualization of floor plans and much more

Internal light switch query module SAM:

  • 4 light switch inputs (185-255 VAC or 18-255 VDC)
  • Power supply for internal connection with terminal connector
  • 6 switching modes programmable

Internal IO module:

  • 3 relay outputs, 230V / 6 A, isolated change-over contacts
  • 1 galvanically isolated input 24 V DC – 230 V AC, selectable polarity, user defined message text and function

Internal CCIF - Critical Circuit Interface module

  • Surveillance of closed current loop
  • Internal protection against overvoltage


Technical Data:
Case material: Stahlblech/Aluminiumrahmen
Protection category: IP20
Insulation class: I
Dimensions: 900 x 450 x 125 mm
Voltage: 230V AC 50Hz ± 10%
Switched mode: 230V AC / 216V DC ± 15%
Battery: 216 V DC (18 x 12V / 3,6 Ah oder 18 x 12V / 5,2Ah)
Permissible temp.:

0° C to +35° C

max. connected load AC:

800 VA

Product datasheet

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